VISIO photography was founded by James and Jenny Tarpley. The company began as a simple passion for photography and developed into a desire to capture special moments for others.

Receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, Jenny studied various mediums. Although an accomplished painter, she feels most comfortable behind the camera. It is this union of her artistic eye, technical ability, and passion for photography that produces such impressive work.

James studied fine art and art history during his college years. He has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa capturing the essence of each locale. His passion for photography comes second only to spending time with his wife and daughter.

While shooting their first wedding as a favor for some friends, they realized how much fun wedding photography can be. They have since devoted their time solely to this endeavor. Not strictly photojournalistic nor traditional in their approach, James and Jenny capture and create art from their surroundings. James is constantly seeking out the "best light" at each location as Jenny is looking from every angle possible to create that fine art feel.

James and Jenny love shooting together and being a part of the lives of whom they capture. Their purpose is to get to know each bride and groom on a very personal level.

"We're not looking for a shot of a beautiful bride in a white dress, we're looking for a shot of Kim laughing with her bridesmaids, Allison wiping a tear from her eye, Josh seeing his bride walking down the aisle. These are the moments that drive us!"

One thing that can always be said of James and Jenny is that they bring a sense of "calm" to the day of the wedding. Jenny is always armed with her wedding survival kit--lipstick, nail polish, lint brush, anything a bride or groom may need, but have forgotten. James is armed simply with his sense of humor. Placing the bride at ease is his number one priority.

James and Jenny credit any and all success to their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you would like more information on James, Jenny, or VISIO photography, feel free to email them at